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In today's era of shrinking profit margins and market volatility, many companies are looking for ways to pinch every penny. One of the areas that often comes under scrutiny is telecommunications. Even with the price war raging amongst long distance companies, most executives believe that there is still money to be saved on telephony. They are correct! One of the most popular ways to save money is by implementing Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony. By using VoIP, companies can save money on long distance and infrastructure, while also realizing a significant increase in employee productivity. While switching to VoIP can be a substantial investment, the return is usually just as substantial. One of the ways to reduce VoIP implementation costs is to purchase equipment and support from an established firm.

Cisco Voice over IP equipment covers the entire range of VoIP applications. As a leader in computer hardware development, Cisco has been developing VoIP equipment since the technology was first invented in the mid 1990s, and Cisco Voice over IP equipment is easily among the world's finest. Cisco offers everything from VoIP telephones to sophisticated switching equipment that connects Cisco Voice over IP equipment with public service telephone networks (PSTN). Cisco offers integrated packages that combine everything a company will need to set up VoIP, and by getting all your equipment from one supplier you will also simplify the task of getting support for your system if and when necessary.

A Cisco Voice over IP telephone is more than just a telephone, even if it looks like a regular telephone. Connected to an Ethernet port, a Cisco Voice over IP phone can serve all of the functions of a regular phone, including voice mail, intercom, and call display. But a Cisco Voice over IP phone can be customized as well, using the Ethernet connection to display Web-based content like e-mail, stock quotes, or telephone listings. Cisco Voice over IP phones can also be used for conferencing, and with the addition of a USB web cam can also be used for videoconferencing. And because these phones are connected via the web rather than with antiquated hardware switching technology, they are completely mobile - if you want to work at another work station or in a conference room, you simply unplug your Cisco Voice over IP phone and take it with you.

Cisco Voice over IP equipment and solutions offer you the peace of mind that comes with dealing with an industry leader, as well as the latest in VoIP technology. Using Cisco Voice over IP equipment can make your company's VoIP system implementation easy!

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