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data networks

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voice networks

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security networks
Security is no longer a nice to have it is a NEED TO HAVE

Security used to be just “Anti-Virus, Firewall, and Network Security”. The landscape has changed tremendously with the acceptance of technology to perform the work in a timely fashion. Computers are no longer just word processors, e-mail clients, accounting applications, etc.

In Today business climate security is no longer an after thought, it is a necessary tool to ensure proprietary information is maintained properly and not taken off site with out proper authorization. Ensure the network is not compromised due to a worm, virus, external attack is all apart of the Cisco Zero Defense network and with Cisco Secure Access Control Server and Cisco Security Agent.

Utilizing Cisco Secure Access Control Server, you can now stop users from removing documents, files, programs, etc. and copying them onto a flash drive, CD/DVD Drive, FTP access, Email, etc. This will ensure the data is maintained in a controlled manner and cannot be compromised by changing physical locations on the network or by changing username/login information. This will strengthen the existing Access Control Lists as a part of the network.

By utilizing Cisco Secure Access you can stop network intruders frequently exploit vulnerabilities in servers and desktop’s. Even when patches are available to prevent an exploit, many organizations simply do not have the time or resources to continuously update their systems. Until recently, the only method of attempting to protect these systems was with a Host Intrusion Detection System. These systems only run on servers thereby offering no protection to the large number of user desktops in an organization. Because of their dependence on signatures, servers were left vulnerable until a signature was created to identify an exploit and the Host IDS software was updated. By utilizing a behavior based solution instead of a signature based solution you can prevent a virus behavior execution from starting even if the virus/work/Trojan is brand new.

managed services

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video and digital signage

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tracksource and custom application programming

TrackSource is a powerful data tracking and reporting tool that has been specifically designed for the data capture and analysis requirements for today’s competitive companies. TrackSource collects statistical data from employees or offices in the field, compiles it and then delivers real time statistical information in report format to the regional or state office. It has been in use by Department of Labor WIA offices for over 8 years. It is a proven, robust and comprehensive business tool. Now it is possible to accurately monitor and manage any aspect of your operation with up to the minute information and effective reporting capabilities.

TrackSource is completely customizable and can report on any information you require:

  • Policies and Procedures with change history
  • Engineering Changes for Manufacturing
  • HR reporting on training and certifications
  • Quality Control tracking and analysis
  • Federal, State and local grant financial tracking
  • Budget status across multiple funding streams
  • and more!

There is no large up-front technology investments required. No special hardware… no expensive software license to purchase. TrackSource is delivered to you via the Internet through a low-cost monthly subscription which also allows for quick deployments. TrackSource can electronically simulate the paper forms you presently use making it much easier for your staff to learn and begin using the program.

The monthly subscription includes: Access to all the TrackSource tools, Unlimited 800 number helpdesk, Technical support, Secure backup of your data, All application enhancements and upgrades, On-site training, State user group meetings and includes any future changes to your forms and reports for as long as you have a subscription.

Please contact us for a webinar demonstration, it is an easy and efficient way to quickly determine (25-30min) what TrackSource can do for your organization. More information is available about TrackSource at http://www.tracksource.org or call us at 877-352-1600 ext 103.

data, voice and fiber optic cabling

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AT&T data and voice circuits

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Wireless is just not for laptops anymore

Few things have changed from the early days of Wireless Access.. Businesses are now trying to do more than just provide a network connection or wireless Internet Access. With today’s wireless access points you can now do more than provide a basic wireless connection, you can now perform RFID, RFID Asset Tracking, Secure Wireless Network for authorized devices & Un-secure Networks for guests, Wireless management, and Wireless Voice.

Before Cisco’s new Wireless Lightweight Access Controllers, you had to program ever single access point with the proper channel assignment, configure the IP for the device, and then secure the access point every time. Well with the Cisco 2106 Wireless Lightweight Access Controller, all you have to do is program the controller once and setup the security and then install the Lightweight Access Point’s (LAP) onto the network and the controller will program the devices. This includes the Channel Assignment, Signal Strength, and the necessary settings for security. IF you need to add another LAP all you have to do is run the cable, connect it to the network and then manage the LAP from the controller. Once it has been authorized as a trusted access point, the controller handles the rest. It reassigns the channels to ensure there is no overlap, adjusts signal strength to ensure proper coverage and then applies the proper security settings for the LAP.

Another benefit of the new WLAC/LAP scenario is you have a meeting in a board room, the one LAP which provides the signal for everyone in the board room is now flooded with traffic, the controller is smart enough to take the traffic from the flooded LAP and then move it to another LAP. The WLAC will increase the signal strength of a LAP located in the area and then load balance the traffic, and provide a more stable wireless signal for everyone.

Imagine a scenario where you have to maintain 5 to 150 Asset’s on a single network and then track AND provide a historical tracking of said asset. With the RFID Locator device from Cisco, you can now find devices on your network that use RFID (Both Active and Passive) devices. If you have an Active RFID Locator on a device, you can now track the device on your network, provide historical tracking information gauge the utilization of a piece of equipment and then make educated decisions if it is time to add more equipment. With Cisco’s RFID Technology the Sky’s the Limit!!!

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